Services & Solutions


We offer a complete bouquet of Services to our Clients which Range from Surveys, Design & Engineering till Servicing, and our full range of Services can be found in the list shown below.


We undertake to conduct Fire Safety Surveys in residential structures, industrial and office buildings, factories, public buildings, etc to identify fire safety issues, improve the safety of residents, occupants, visitors, etc and increase fire safety and awareness. These are conducted on a regular schedule, or in some cases by appointments, and become part of the total fire safety program in the community.

Equipment Procurement and Supply

Project execution is initiated with Procurement, which could be based on the Tender document, BOQ received from the clients, main contractors, etc, and some instance Design prepared by our Engineers as per the end user requirements. Supply of best quality system component carried out in different ways, i.e Import of equipment from our overseas Principals (direct import by client on duty free or paid basis, we arrange consignment on behalf of clients), direct local purchasing, or supply by us. As we represent range of products under our belt, can cater for any individual quality, commercial, quantity, compliance, etc requirement of our customers.

Design and Engineering

Key strength of Metrix is carrying out designing of Fire Detection, Alarm, Voice evacuation, Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler, Total Flooding, Foam, etc systems either to comply in full with relevant BS or NFPA standards. As qualified Fire Engineers in the industry, we are willing to extend services to our clients by most suitable design for individual requirement. As far as financial aspect is concerned “Value Engineered Design” is a norm of most of scenarios nowadays and in which our team is mastered on.


Final quality of the system is depend on the craftsmanship of the installation where our Engineering team play a significant role at ground level by quality and timely completion of installation, fabrication, and welding, etc tasks. This achieved mainly due vast experience in the industries where our team has mastered their skills which doesn’t require any trial and error practices which take place around elsewhere.

System Integration

One of the major strength in most of our products has is the capability of get integrated with other systems even seamlessly. As far as BS or NFPA is concerned seamless integration is a must (eg. Voice evacuation system). State of Art technology with modern facilities to cater for any requirement are available with our products. In instance our principals are the inventors for some technological aspects (eg. BiWire system for Conventional Fire Alarm system by EATON-Cooper, UK)


Final and most important task under execution or delivering a system is “Commissioning”. Has to strictly follow the standards and achieving of figures given by them is a must. Record keeping is a mandatory requirement under commissioning process especially to make sure that the systems are full filling the parameters defined and for proofs and future references as well.


It is pointless to have very sophisticated, latest and most expensive systems installed, in absence of people to handle or operate them. The word “Training” is coming in to play at this moment, where staff at the installation will get to know how the system will handle/operate in proper manner. Trainings are arranged on the job, off the job, our experience center as well as overseas trainings as and when required at our principals training facilities.


Servicing will be much required tasks in current applications where our Servicing team is fully geared and equipped with for 24×7 service calls. We get frequent calls on Trouble shooting of issues arise on installations as all the Fire systems alive and to be readily available at all times. Simply because Fire systems are exposed to external factors such as handling, misuse, sabotage, environmental, lack of good housekeeping, etc, there might issues arise time to time.

Preventive Maintenance

Some of our clients spent lot on the initial installation but apparently reluctant to spend afterwards. However Fire systems are not “fit and forget” a kind of item, BUT to service and maintain periodically. “Prevention is the best Curing method” hence preventive maintenance is very vital.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contact (AMC) is not a new word in current version as the prominence has identified by some of customers. We undertake AMCs for the installation carried out by us as well as other installation on case by case scenario. Dedicated team is well trained and armored with modern tools and equipment to tackle any kind of maintenance aspect.

Hazard Analysis

A hazard analysis is a systematic approach to identifying and assessing hazards in the workplace and a critical first step in Safety Risk Management for your facility. In some cases, such as for processes that involve highly hazardous chemicals, OSHA standards require a hazard analysis and specify the methods that must be used. In other situations the employer may select the method to be used. We’ll use the OSHA requirements for “Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals” as our guidelines for an overview of hazard analysis.

Fire Testing

In instants it is required to carry out fire testings’ of the equipment used. Most commonly Fire Doors, Fire resistance cables, etc. As we do not have test facilities currently in SL to carry out above test, we manage to get done most of these test through the facilities available with our principals without much effort.


Fire Detection & Alarm System

  • Analogue Addressable and Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Firemen Communication, Voice Evacuation and PA Systems
  • LPG and other Industrial Gas Detection Systems
  • High Sensitivity Aspiration Smoke Detection Systems (eg. Vesda, etc)
  • UV & IR Flame Detection Systems
  • Linear Heat Detectors (LHD) and Water Detection Systems
  • Special Hazardous and Industrial Application Fire Detection Systems (eg. Intrinsically Safe, Flame, Explosion proof types, etc)

Water Based Systems

  • Fire Hose Reel and Hydrant Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Mist – Low Pressure & High Pressure Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • MVWS and HVWS Spray Systems
  • Water Curtain Systems
  • Water Fire Extinguishers (Portable, Trolley, Suspended tanks with Sprinkler, etc)

Gas Suppression Systems

  • IG- 54 Argonite (Inert) Gas Fire Suppression Systems
  • FM-200 Gas Systems
  • Novec 1230 ® Gas Systems
  • CO2 – Low Pressure & High Pressure Systems
  • CO2 & DCP Fire Extinguishers (Portable, Trolley, Suspended tanks with Sprinkler, etc)

Foam Systems

  • Manual /Automatic Foam Systems
  • Rim Seal Protection Systems
  • Compressed/DCP Foam Skid Systems
  • Foam Fire Extinguishers (Portable, Trolley, Suspended tanks with Sprinkler, etc)